MESQUITE, Texas — 9/22/22 — STAR Transit will transition Mesquite’s Route 201 (COMPASS) bus to on-demand service Oct. 1, giving passengers greater flexibility in travelling throughout the area. Additionally, the service area will be expanded to travel to places previously not covered.

Passengers can use their STARNow mobile app or call 877-631-5278 to schedule on-demand service aboard STAR Transit’s fleet of vehicles.  STARNow on-demand service in Mesquite operates 6 am-8 pm. weekdays, and 8 am-5 pm Saturdays.

During the transition, rush-hour passengers travelling between the Mesquite Park & Ride at Hanby Stadium and DART’s Lawnview Station will be able to catch shuttles at Hanby once an hour between 6 am and 8 am weekdays, rather than the Route 201 (COMPASS) bus. On the return trip, passengers will be able to catch shuttles at Lawnview Station to Hanby once an hour between 3 pm and 6 pm weekdays.

“STAR Transit is enthusiastic about enhancing our riders’ experience by offering more flexibility and customization. The STARNow mobile app makes riding with us easier than ever, and we look forward to serving even more Mesquite residents through our expanded STARNow zone,” Tommy Henricks, STAR Transit’s executive director, said. “Passengers won’t have to ride on someone else’s schedule. They will just have to step aboard.”

Rides within the STARNow travel zone cost $2 each way. Seniors 60 and older, veterans and riders who have disabilities ride for $1 each way. Children 12 and under ride for free, with another passenger who’s on a paid fare.

“In our survey of people in Mesquite this summer, we asked riders and potential riders what they want from their public transit service,” said Henricks. “More than 80 percent of the respondents say they want the service to be reliable. And more than 80 percent tell us they want it to be easy to use. These changes are making it much easier for people in Mesquite to reliably travel around the city, whenever and wherever they want to go. They can use their mobile app to schedule same-day service, or they can just call us.”

STAR Transit conducted a Mesquite Ridership Satisfaction Survey between May 30 and July 15 this year. A total 158 surveys were completed, and the city publicized the survey on the STAR Transit web site and social media, City of Mesquite social media, news media, outdoor advertising on STAR Transit vehicles, and announcements in the STARNow app. Besides reliability and ease of use, the survey respondents gave high priority to safety and friendliness, frequency, time savings, and speed.

Henricks continued “The survey results support replacing the COMPASS bus service with a revamped on-demand service, allowing riders greater flexibility in deciding when and where they travel.”

ABOUT STAR TRANSIT: Founded in 1988, STAR Transit is the fourth largest transit agency in the North Central Texas region—and the largest not funded by sales tax. Revenues are derived from federal and state grants as well as local partnerships with cities, counties, and businesses. STAR Transit provides safe, affordable, and convenient transportation to the public, seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities for access to jobs, healthcare, personal services, retail, and entertainment. More than 100 employees are responsible for providing over 135,000 rides annually. The agency is headquartered in Terrell. For more information, visit