How to Ride

Rider Rules

So that all of our guests may enjoy a safe and comfortable ride, please observe the following rules of the road:

  • No food allowed on buses. Beverages allowed in spill-proof containers only.
  • No profanity, rude, or inappropriate behavior.
  • No hazardous, explosive, incendiary or flammable materials or devices.
  • No radios.
  • Service animals are welcome.
  • No smoking, including e-cigarettes.
  • Shirt and shoes required.
  • No wet clothing.
  • All strollers should be folded before boarding and not obstruct the aisle.
  • At the end of a route, the driver may take a break and guests may be asked to deboard the bus.

Bus Arrival Time

There is a 30 minute window for pick up.  15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the scheduled pick up time.

5 Minute Wait

STAR Transit buses will wait five (5) minutes at the scheduled pick up point.

Seatbelt & Safety Restraints

STAR Transit drivers and all demand response passengers riding in a regular vehicle seat must be secured with the safety restraint devises available in each vehicle.  In addition, all wheelchairs and mobility devices on fixed routes and demand response vehicles must be secured with the securement devices available in each vehicle.

Child Safety Seat

STAR Transit agrees to adhere to the current Texas Department of Public Safety standard and practices of child restraint laws.  (See  The parent or legal guardian, or escort will be responsible for providing the proper child safety seat to be determined by the current law.  STAR transit does not provide these devices.

STAR Transit reserves the right to refuse transportation services if the proper child restraint seat is not provided.

Limit Of Carry On Baggage

For the protection of the drivers and riders, passengers are only permitted to carry on up to five (5) shopping bags or up to two boxes they manage independently without assistance from the driver.  All items must be secured with no loose items.  The following are examples of securement:

  1. Under the seat
  2. Held in the passenger’s lap
  3. Seat belted in the seat next to the passenger


Q: Do you have travel training sessions available for citizens new to using public transportation?
A: Yes. Please contact STAR Transit’s Mobility Management office at 877-631-5278 for more information.

Q: Do I have to pay a second fare if I transfer from one route to another?
A: Yes. You always pay your fare when boarding the bus.

Q: Will I have to pay an additional fare if I use a demand-response service to access a STAR Transit fixed route?

A: Yes. You always pay your fare when boarding the bus.

Q: Where do I find a schedule?
A: Bus transportation schedules are available at the following locations:

  • On the bus
  • STAR Transit, 500 Industrial Blvd., Terrell, TX 75160 (M-F, 8:00 am 4:00 pm)
  • Online

Q: Where do I wait for the bus?
A: Look for green bus stop signs located along the fixed route. The route served is listed on the sign. Use a hand motion to signal the bus driver at the bus stop. It is a good idea to arrive at your bus stop five minutes before the bus is due to arrive. Ask the bus driver questions about the route when you get on the bus. They are there to help.

Q: Are STAR Transit buses ADA compliant?
A: Yes, STAR Transit buses are ADA compliant and can handle most mobility devices.

Q: Are the STAR Transit “red” prepaid tickets accepted on routes that connect to DART?
A: Yes. However, if you access a DART route, a DART fare is required for travel.

Q: Will STAR Transit honor a FREE DART Jury Duty Day Pass?
A: Yes, we will honor the FREE DART Jury Duty one day pass on our bus routes that connect to a DART station.