• All STAR Transit buses are ADA compliant and can handle most mobility devices. See more info below.
  • Service animals are welcome. See more info below.

Passenger Assistance

STAR Transit service is provided origin to destination. Customers are picked up at the curb of their origin (usually a residence) and transported to the curb of their destination. Drivers are not permitted to assist customers from their house to the curb or into their destination. Drivers will assist customers from the curb into the vehicle and provide assistance to customers boarding and exiting the vehicle. This assistance is limited to the movement and placement of wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and canes and the general safety of the passenger. If a customer requires additional assistance, an attendant may ride with the customer free of charge. Other guests may ride but must pay the appropriate fare if not providing assistance to the customer. Customers with personal attendants or guests who will accompany them must notify the scheduling agent when making reservations.

Client Advocates are available to riders who may need assistance while traveling to medical appointments and limited shopping trips. This service is available at NO ADDITIONAL COST to our clients.

Passenger Securement

STAR Transit drivers and all passengers riding in a regular vehicle seat must be secured with the safety restraint devices available in each vehicle. In addition, STAR Transit requires that all wheelchairs, and/or mobility devices, along with the individual be secured with provided securement devices and seatbelts required by the state. When loading or unloading any securement mounted, such as a lap belt, on a personal mobility aid is required to be worn. Passengers are not allowed to stand or change seats while the bus is in operation.

On board, the driver will secure the mobility device to ensure a safe ride. Specialized straps will be attached to the mobility device to create the four point tie down securement ensuring safe transportation. When loading or unloading any mounted securement on a personal mobility aid is required to be worn. If you are not satisfied with your securements, inform your driver immediately. The bus will not proceed on its route until all passengers are safely seated and secured.

The STAR Transit driver may not assist the passenger riding in a regular seat in the latching or unlatching of seatbelts unless specifically requested by the passenger or in the case of emergency evacuation.

Service may be denied to any passenger unwilling to use seatbelts or shoulder restraints.

Child Safety Seat – STAR Transit agrees to adhere to the current Texas Department of Public Safety standards and practices of child restraint laws. (See

The parent, legal guardian, or escort is responsible for providing the proper child safety seat to be defined by the current law. STAR Transit does not provide these devices.

Types of Mobility Aids

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines a wheelchair or any mobility device as a three or more wheeled device. Customers using mobility devices that fall within these definitions cannot be denied service solely because of size or type of mobility device.

STAR Transit reserves the right to refuse service to clients. A client may be denied service based on legitimate safety requirements. These safety requirements include such circumstances as a wheelchair or mobility device that is of such a size that it would block an aisle, or would be too large to fully enter a vehicle, or would interfere with the safe evacuation of passengers in an emergency.

A legitimate safety concern does not apply to securement; STAR Transit cannot impose a limitation on the transportation of wheelchairs and other mobility aids based on the inability of the securement system to secure the device to the satisfaction of STAR Transit’s safety standards. Federal Register Vol. 76, No. 181 re:57930

Legitimate safety requirements will be based on actual risks, not on mere speculation, stereotypes, or generalizations about individuals with disabilities or about the devices they use for mobility purposes. Customers using mobility devices that fall outside these specifications are still eligible to ride but only if they are able to find an alternative solution such as transferring from the mobility device.

STAR Transit will make every effort to assist a client who may be unable to be transported due to legitimate safety concerns. STAR Transit drivers will report a situation they deem as a questionable safety concern to the appropriate member of management and/or the dispatch office. STAR Transit management will make arrangements to visit the client and determine if the safety concerns are valid.

Service Animals

A service/comfort animal is any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to provide assistance to an individual. Service/Comfort animals perform some of the functions and tasks that the individual with a disability cannot perform for him or herself, and/or for emotional support. No additional fee or deposit will be charged to transport service animals.

STAR Transit is not responsible for the care or supervision of the service/comfort animal. Service/Comfort animals that display vicious behavior towards other passengers, or otherwise prove a direct threat to the health and safety of others including STAR Transit employees will be excluded from riding the vehicle. STAR Transit will not make assumptions about how a particular animal will behave; each situation must be considered individually.

Request for Reasonable Modification

STAR Transit will make reasonable modifications/accommodations to its policies, practices, and procedures to ensure program accessibility to individuals with disabilities. More info here.