STAR Transit Elects New Board Member

For Immediate Release

STAR Transit Elects New Board Member to Ensure Sustainable Growth

TERRELL, TX— June 20, 2023— The recent election of Mayrani Velazquez, along with the return of Dana Macalik, to the STAR Transit Board of Directors positions the agency for smart, sustainable growth through visionary leadership for years to come, said Executive Director Tommy Henricks in his announcement.

Mayrani Velazquez, Mayor Pro Tem and Council Member in the City of Terrell, was elected as an alternate member to Place 4.  Velazquez is not only embedded in the Terrell community, but she also understands the broader area STAR Transit serves.  She is the Team Leader of Community Outreach for Children’s Health, where she coordinates outreach for a nine-county region. 

“Mayor Pro Tem Velazquez’s strength in strategic planning, establishing priorities, executing initiatives, and managing relationships in both the private sector and in public office makes her a valuable addition to our Board of Directors,” said Henricks.  “Her previous experience with community outreach in the STAR Transit service area, especially with the region’s growing Latino population, ensures the agency will effectively address community needs.”

In addition to Velazquez, Dana Macalik was re-elected to the STAR Transit Board as the Place 7 primary board member.  Macalik currently serves as Rockwall County Commissioner.  She previously served as a council member for the City of Rockwall, where she advocated for sustainable growth that improved quality of life in the community.

“Board members are critical in ensuring STAR Transit moves forward in accordance with the needs and desires of our communities.  As we continue to offer safe, dependable, and friendly transportation in our current service areas, we are looking forward to working toward sustainable growth and leveraging innovation to expand service to reach even more communities under the Board’s leadership,” Henricks said.

STAR Transit board members are elected to four-year terms; there are no term limits.  When a seat opens, the organization sends letters to the chief elected official of every county and municipality in the service area, notifying them of the opportunity to nominate an at-large member.


About STAR Transit.  Founded in 1988, STAR Transit is the fourth-largest transit agency in the North Central Texas region—and the largest not funded by sales tax.  Revenues are derived from federal and state grants as well as local partnerships with cities, counties, and businesses.  STAR Transit provides safe, affordable, and convenient transportation to the general public, seniors, veterans, and persons with disabilities for access to jobs, healthcare, personal services, retail, entertainment, and more.  Over 100 employees are responsible for providing more than 155,000 rides annually.  The agency is headquartered in Terrell, TX.  For more information, visit