STAR Transit announces Employee and Driver of the Year

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STAR Transit announces Employee and Driver of the Year

(Terrell, TX) – Eight individuals were recently honored during STAR Transit’s Employee Appreciation Meetings.  Jeff Rohman was announced as the 2020 Employee of the Year, and Wynette Blackburn received the 2020 Driver of Year award.

Nominees for Driver of the Year included Blackburn along with Eleanor Luttrell and Yolanda Hamilton.

Mrs. Blackburn has been with the agency six years and drives STARNow in Kaufman County.  Antonio Harris, Transportation Director, said, “Wynette is one of the hardest working drivers we have.  She is not afraid to take on new challenges and cares for our riders as if they are family.  We are all very proud of her”.

As the recipient of Driver of the Year, Wynette received $1,000.

Nominees for Employee of the Year included Rohman, Teresa Elliott, Sherri Faulk and Kenyatta Brown.

Jeff celebrated his sixth anniversary in July.  Tommy Henricks, Executive Director, said, “As our Asset Management Director, Jeff and his team have been instrumental in keeping our vehicles sanitized and clean during the pandemic, ensuring our drivers and riders feel safe when traveling with us.  STAR Transit is very thankful to have him.  Congratulations Jeff!”

As the recipient of Employee of the Year, Jeff received $500 and two paid days off.

STAR Transit launched the Employee of the Year and Driver of the Year initiative in September of 2015.

In addition to Driver of the Year and Employee of the Year, the following employees also received recognition.  Outstanding Leadership – Kim Britton; Outstanding Customer Service – Shelby Ward; Humanitarian Award – Sherri Faulk; Outstanding Service – Antonio Harris; Admin Rookie of the Year – Star Ramirez, and Driver Rookie of the Year – Yolanda Hamilton.

“These programs recognize many of the  outstanding employees we have on our team.  Congratulations to all of our recipients!” said Henricks.

About STAR Transit.  Founded in 1988, STAR Transit is the fourth largest transit agency in the North Central Texas region—and the largest not funded by sales tax. Revenues are derived from federal and state grants as well as local partnerships with cities, counties and businesses.   STAR Transit provides safe, affordable and convenient transportation to the general public, seniors, veterans, and persons with disabilities for access to jobs, healthcare, personal services, retail, and entertainment, etc. More than 100 employees are responsible for providing over 235,000 rides annually.   The agency is headquartered in Terrell, TX.  For more information, visit