New Transportation Options Available in Cedar Hill

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New Transportation Options Available in Cedar Hill

TERRELL, TX— May 17, 2023— STAR Transit, a regional public transit agency, has announced the official rollout of public transportation in Cedar Hill.  Effective June 1, residents can hail rides within Cedar Hill and connect to other regional transportation networks.

“STAR Transit has a long history of providing affordable and reliable public transportation to southern Dallas County,” said Tommy Henricks, STAR Transit Executive Director.  “We are excited to extend our services to riders in Cedar Hill.”

STAR Transit will launch two service options in Cedar Hill.  Dial-A-Ride service can be booked one business day to up to two weeks in advance and allows riders to connect to DART and other regional transportation networks.  STARNow trips can be booked via the call center or the STARNow app and offer same-day service within the Cedar Hill area.

“Transportation gives access to opportunity, it moves people, and it’s vital to a growing community,” said Stephen Mason, Mayor of Cedar Hill.  “Our collaboration with STAR Transit will provide a better way to serve our citizens, especially our seniors and people with disabilities.”

To book a ride, download the STARNow app on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.  Riders without smartphones can call (877) 631-5278.  Se habla español.  To learn more about STAR Transit routes and services, visit

“We hope the residents of Cedar Hill will take full advantage of the same-day ride service and will think of STAR Transit as an option for on-demand travel in our area,” concluded Mayor Mason.


About STAR Transit.  Founded in 1988, STAR Transit is the fourth-largest transit agency in the North Central Texas region—and the largest not funded by sales tax.  Revenues are derived from federal and state grants as well as local partnerships with cities, counties, and businesses.  STAR Transit provides safe, affordable, and convenient transportation to the general public, seniors, veterans, and persons with disabilities for access to jobs, healthcare, personal services, retail, entertainment, and more.  Over 100 employees are responsible for providing more than 155,000 rides annually.  The agency is headquartered in Terrell, TX.  For more information, visit