ADA Policy

STAR Transit Policy #62 | American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transportation Policy and Procedure (Updated 2/18/20)

Rights under Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA):

STAR Transit services were developed to provide safe and efficient transportation to the general public and to persons with special needs as specified by Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), and shall not discriminate against an individual with a disability in connection with the provision of transportation service. If you think STAR Transit is not in compliance with the ADA, there are several avenues available for enforcement. You may pursue them in any order; you are not required to use them in the order listed below.

1. File a local complaint

Any person who believes himself/herself or any specific class of individuals to be harmed by failure to comply with ADA regulations may, personally or through a representative, file a written complaint with the Complaint Resolution Officer. A complaint must be filed not later than 180 days from the date of the alleged discrimination, unless the time for filing is extended by STAR Transit.

It is best to file the complaint as soon as possible after the alleged discrimination, and keep a copy of it. Include as many details as possible (who, what, when, where, and so on).

STAR Transit has the following options for filing the complaint:

  • Email: Send an email to the Complaint Resolution Officer, [email protected].
  • Call: Phone the Complaint Resolution Officer at (469) 474-2309.
  • Mail: Print the ADA Comment Form (English)/ADA Comment Form (Español), complete and mail to: STAR Transit, Attention Complaint Resolution Officer, P.O. Box 703, Terrell, TX 75160.
  • In Person: An ADA Comment Form can be located at 500 Industrial Blvd., Terrell, TX 75160 and/or requested from a driver.

Complainant does not have to file with STAR Transit first in order to file with the Federal Transit Administration.

Click here to view a copy of STAR Transit Policy #77 | Complaint Resolution Policy (Updated 2/18/20)

2. Engage in advocacy

You can also engage in a variety of efforts to advocate for changes by STAR Transit. You may be able to obtain assistance from local, state, and national disability rights organizations, including: Texas Protection and Advocacy Agency, which you can find by going to or by calling 1-800-252-9108.

3. File an ADA complaint in Washington D.C.

You can file a complaint with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Office of Civil Rights in Washington D.C., by:

  • Going to the FTA ADA website to file a complaint with the FTA.
  • Sending a complaint letter to:

FTA Office of Civil Rights
Attention: Complaint Team
East Building, 5th Floor – TCR
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20590

You should include specific details such as names, dates, time, route numbers, witnesses, and any other information that would assist in your investigation of your allegations. Please also provide any other documentation that is relevant to the complaint.

4. File a lawsuit

The other method of enforcing the ADA is to file a lawsuit.

If you need information in another language, please call 877-631-5278.
Si necesita informaciόn en un otro idioma, llame al 877-631-5278.